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Hey everyone,Im new to this forum,but I like What I see,I do a little monthly newsletter that we email to other woodworkers all over ,and in it we started doing a thing called "YOU might be a wood worker if:.a take off on jeff foxworthys ******* thing (i are one),and i would like to hear yours,our little letter is tips and stuff and its free and no adds,its about us ,woodworkers!,and its been fun to look at ourselves and some of the stuff we do,if you would like to get the letter go to my website at www.antiquesbuiltdaily.com and subscribe, no emails are ever sold shared and we do it on a secure emailer, but for now lets see who you really are so YOU MIGHT BE A WOODWORKER IF::laughing:

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... but for now lets see who you really are so YOU MIGHT BE A WOODWORKER IF::laughing:
You have tapes from 'the bargain table' to a brand new FATMAX... while still carrying that 6' minature in your pocket... just in case.

It ain't dandruff!

You won't let anybody use your chisels.

Your wife wants to borrow a chisel so you go out and buy a set for her.

You wander into the tool department, spot all the hammers on the wall, realize you don't know what half of them are for but order one each anyway.

People think you have a chisel fetish because you're not allowed on the airplane.

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You might be a woodworker if.....

Instead of your wife pointing out gray hair, she points out sawdust in your eyebrows.....

You ask what finish they used on the bar at a strip joint ;)

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You might be a wood worker if:

Your folding utility knife color co-ordinates with your suspenders.
Your wife finally gives up yelling at you about "traking in" sawdust.
You open the door to your shop and find the neighbor has already made coffee.
You spend more time looking at a chop saw than your wife looking at a purse.
When there is more sawdust in your ears than earwax.
When you tease your boss about his "girly saw" and he buys a Powermatic to shut you up. But you get to use it more than him.
When you close a cut on your hand with Titebond III.
When you stir coffee with an oak rip just to add flavor.
Sorry guys got on a roll there

Scott A. Mordecki / Nailgunner7
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