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From yet another woodworker with a shop that turned out to be smaller than I need. Problem is that shops don't automatically grow as you acquire more "stuff."

Your size could be workable, especially if you have "mobile tools." When I built mine I knew I wanted a big work table, so it's 4' x 8'. I built it to be about 1/8" under the height of my table saw, which has a mobile base. So I can wheel the saw over and use the worktable for a run-out surface. Modified the planer stand to the right height and put locking casters on it, so it works too. The jointer was equipped with the same locking casters so I can push it against the wall and wheel it out to joint long stuff. I didn't feel good about building the base up on something that heavy to match the work table.

Vertical lumber storage would be another must. I built one that allows me to store lumber so the wide dimension of the wood is perpindicular to the wall. That way it stays straight to prevent bowing, and I can pull out the one I'm after without going thru a pile.
1 - 1 of 25 Posts
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