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I made this cart recently to hold all my yard tools. I can't hang them on the wall cuz the only wall space is flanked by motorcycles, and I don't want anything hanging by them. So after tripping over, being bonked in the head with, etc., I finally got fed up with them and made this cart from leftover lumber and pieces parts I had lying around. It's 6' long, 2' wide, and around 42" tall. I put some nice wheels on it and lag bolted and screwed everything together. Its pretty heavy on its own. I think there's around 34 tools on it. It rolls real nice and now I can find them.
The bottom is a 2 x 4 frame with 5/8 ply on the bottom and a 3/4" oak veneered island back left over from a job. I used a 2" hole saw to drill holes top and bottom. Some I had to oval out for specific shaped tool handles. All the D-handles were hung with those vinyl coated screw in Y and J shaped hooks. Nothing fancy but it really does the trick now.
Mike Hawkins;)


1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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