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I ordered an incra 1000se miter gauge for xmas for myself. Anyone ever set one up? I've read the manual online and looked at several different utube vids and there seems to be two schools of thought on set up.

1. Incra says set it to the blade with a square.

2. Others say set it to the miter slot using different methods.

I'll probably go with what the manufacturer says but one of the vids makes a good case as to why it should be set to the slot.
My blade is out of parallel .001 to the slot I know. So how much difference would that make?

On another note, any pics of shop made clamp stands (roll around) around?

where's my table saw?
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the "theory' is .....

By setting the blade/arbor as close to parallel to the miter slots, when you set you miter guage 90 degrees/square to the blade it will ALSO be square to the slots..... in theory.

At .001 that's pretty darn close, so I would consider it good. What you want is everything in the system to either be square or parallel, so there is no "yaw" when crosscutting. If you can make a crosscut on a parallel edges board, then flip one piece over and butt them together and still have two parallel edges you are good to go. :yes:

As far as clamp racks , here's mine and Leo G's:

Made from scraps of particle board with different levels for long and short clamps.... it kinda works ....sorta. They fall over sideways, but at least I know how long they are. I have busted out a light gettin' the long ones out.... I really like Leo's :thumbsup:
Clamp Rack



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Looks like yours has something I never even thought about though. Is that a furniture dolly under there? That would be a platform to start out on and build up.

If you figure on starting with a dolly, it should have locking casters, and your design should minimize the overall structure from being "top heavy".

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