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I also am a two hobby guy and the other is expensive too. Bass fishing could put me in the poor house in second and or the dog house lol

Just think, with woodworking, at least you can make the doghouse you'll be living in!

For me, I watch Craigslist, and hit auctions. My g/f scored me a huge load of pallets (free wood is good wood, especially when projects made from it generate $$$), and I work in a high end window & door company, so the scrap bin gets raided quite often. I made a deal with myself to only buy what I can pay for from what the shop makes. This includes (at times) going without a needed tool as I was waiting for a better one because I had sold what I once had for more than I paid for it. Just like flipping houses, on a much smaller scale. Right place, right time.
1 - 1 of 36 Posts
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