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Not much done the last 6 months as I've been running low on steam.
Ha crazy but the carriage is cherry .
Had a 8' chunk of it that came with a good load of cherry I picked up years back ( cheap with some horse trading)
It was cut for a mantle and I have no place to put one so .
Shame on me I should have let it naturally age but I spotted a can of cherry stain and used that.
Top has 1 coat so far of Tung oil.

Top is Hard Maple @ 2.75" thick - 30" X 96"
Too much tearout on hand planing so I gived up and said Uncle.
I jobbed out the sanding
Son put in the 48 holes ...7 hrs later he was throwing daggers at me toward the end heh heh.
. Borrowed a mag Drill from place I retired from and a plate for it to stick to .
Clamp the plate and easy peasy with the fostner bit...nice and straight but still takes time.

Vice has Acme shaft &nuts&oillite bushings finished with with Grizzly handles.
I'll make a leg vice and put a 12" one on the other end eventually.

Had some locking casters for another project and tried those ...they will come off.
I acquired some lifting castors with rubber pads that should be far better.

Wood Table Wood stain Floor Plank
Table Wood Floor Wheel Automotive exterior
Automotive tire Wood Flooring Floor Automotive design

Oh yeah ... Things are looking up energy coming back so I'm going to jump into a lofty next project.

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Hey @Tree Hugger, your Google Photos link doesn't seem to work. I bought a mag drill for a friend at an estate sale a few years back. I never thought of using it the way you described. I was hoping your pictures showed some examples of the setup.
Yeah I didn't want to buy a jig for a 1 time use and I remembered the mag drill from work so I improvised.
If you ever use a mag drill the plate should 1/4" so it won't flex if your cranking a bit hard.
You must clamp the plate to the project
!/2 fiberboard used to protect the surface from possible marks from the plate.
Mag drills have slower rpms (made for drilling steel ) than you need but get the job done .
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