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Woodworker for Bird Toys

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I am looking for a woodworker who has tools, experience and is interested a fun and productive area of work.

Perfect for someone who loves to spend time in their shop and is not looking for a full time income. You will be helping to enrich the lives of captive parrots, especially the ones whose care and freedom is less than meager.

If you have had or do have parrots all the better.

This is at the manufacturing level. Most of it is slice, drill and assemble. I would like to get into more complex toys soon and once I have enough inventory start selling wholesale once again.

You will need unlimited access to ponderosa pine and a kiln or oven in which to dry the wood as it will mold during shipping if not dry.

Someone in the Pacific north west would be ideal especially Oregon. I would like to keep the shipping costs as low as possible.

Contact me for further information. I have been through a lot of flakes, so please be serious.

I have been in business 11 years and have an extremely high reputation for quality and customer service.

I also have a new line of toys that will require a CNC machine if you have one.

Thank you,
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Your search for a "bird toy woodworker" is interesting, but IMO you have too many limitations, and it is doubtful if you will find the perfect match to your needs. Consider out-sourcing some of the operations that can supply the material from the area you desire, and perhaps even with the equipment that would meet your quality and customer service standards. Best of luck, and be safe.
Thank you for your suggestions. As far as limitations. Materials tools and experience do not seem like much to ask for.

The area of materials needs to be in the pacific northwest because of shipping and the CNC machine is simply a plus.

I am not quite sure how to outsource any of this work and keep the costs low enough so there is profit for everyone and still sell wholesale to the bird stores. I am open to any advice you may have about outsourcing.
To outsource any work, the first thing IMO is to break down each operation of the product - from raw material to finished item. Find a business or individual that has knowledge and understanding of your production needs BEFORE you sign into a contract! Have them show you actual items of their skills and how long (time) it would take to complete that operation! You may have to advertise in a local newspaper, or post flyers in craft shops for more response. There are a few woodworkers, artists that do some work as a part time hobby and at a reasonable price. Continued success in your endeavors. Be safe.
Asking woodworkers to build/assemble things for your business without providing pictures, drawings, or additional details may not generate a lot of interest.
We need to see some pictures at the very minimum.
I suspect they're colorful wooden things that hang in a bird cage. Pine is chewable.
Some examples (possibly the OP?) -

Thank you all for your input. I did not post pictures because I wanted to find someone who actually wanted to see pictures and was interested.

Part of my line is on my site, at least the current barked toys. http://www.estarbird.com/StarBird-Toys_c_7.html

I am interested in the production of gears as well. I don't know if a router or a CNC machine is best, only the toy maker would know.

I am communicating with a couple of people right now. If they don't work out I will come back here.

This is manufacturing and everyone seems to think it's gallery work. It's got to make a profit for the toy maker, for StarBird and still be able to sell it wholesale to the stores. Seems that concept is not clearly understood.

Thank you again. I appreciate your words.

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Bird toys are not expensive items. Balls and solid boxes seem to be the most common. At least they were when I sold them.

It is going to be difficult to generate sufficient profit to satisfy multiple levels.

I assume that you are looking for someone who will just make the wooden parts of a toy and you will assemble. Will you want the toys painted or plain?

There are lots of options. You need to give enough information so that some potential wood worker knows what they are required to do. Shapes are important.

I sold birds and bird toys for 18 years. Everything from Budgies to Macaws to Cockatoos. Everything I sold was made overseas.

Good luck on finding someone.

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