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Woodwork meets High-tech

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Here's a flash drive I made for my wife:

I dubbed it the "MiWoody". To make it I pulled the circuit out of a flashdrive, then made a new case in two halves from a strip of 5mm thick cherry. I then had to cut a window for the activity LED, which I filled with acrylic casting resin. The finish is polished polyurethane.
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Forked Stick,
I love it. I mean its out there. Fantastic:thumbsup: . Would look great in Tassie Blackwood, *******, Black Heart Sassafrass and of course highly figured Red gum.

dude, that is awesome. that is a wonderfully creative use for wood, and the graphic is way cool.:thumbsup:
:thumbsup: I had this idea last year, but don't have tools to do anything about it.:thumbdown:
On the same topic...

Check out this site for some more high-tech meets woodworking. Pretty interesting stuff.

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I want to know, what capacity is that flash drive? I'd hate to think you went to all that effort for an old 16mb flash drive or something like that...
db, the "guy" who posted the flash drive is a blatant spammer. He got away with one here obviously. Using the old " . . for my wife . . " ruse fooled us all. :laughing:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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