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Julian the woodnut;181242... There seems to be a lot of set up time involved for EVERY operation. I put it in the same category as a shop smith said:
I have a Shopsmith, and a Router Boss (what I call the next generation Woodrat) and do not put the WR or the Router Boss in the same category. With almost every Jig, there is set-up time. There is set-up time for a Leigh jig too. With these two machines, you are not changing the machine from one configuration to another and back to complete a joint. Mortices and tenons are cut with a very basic set-up. Adding a table "stage" to hold the piece while cutting the mortise. But using the same bit for the mortise as the tenon. In traditional machine production, tenons are cut on a table saw with adjustments in the settings required for every face cut. Then the mortises have to be cut either by hand,or a combination of hand and drill press, or with a mortising machine. The Router Boss and WR make it easy to cut both with the same bit.

I find the repeatability with the rat or the Router Boss is excellent.

As far as whether these machines are for tinkerers or serious woodworkers, I leave that up to you.

The Multi-Router is another machine to consider. But it requires a much more serious investment.
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