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Wooden Motorcycle lift/stand

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I don't have any welding tools but lots of wood tools.

I need a rear/front lift for my motorcycle to do wheel work.

Has anyone ever built one from wood?:scooter:


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The guys at the motorcycle shops use

A low screw jack, made of steel, under the center of the bike. They are around $100.00 to buy.
Second best, would be a scissors jack from a truck with a plywood base top and bottom for stability, some wood, some steel. Dirt bike or street bike? 400 lbs or 1000 lbs? You find the balance point and then move forward or rearward and block the wheel you're not working on for stability. Are you working off the ground or off a bench higher up? Can you tie the bike down to anything to prevent tipping side to side? Maybe be a platform say 6 ft long by 12" high with a ramp, and the center portion raises up after you roll the bike up? This would allow for a convention auto style jack in the center. The center filler panel would remove after the bike is on, and you insert the jack. Heck just build in a DYNO while you're at it. A motorcycle workstation sort of with eye bolts for tie downs. :thumbsup: bill
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THis thread has 8 replies

and 1698 Views! Woah!:eek: My wooden motorcycle avatar, needs a wooden motorcycle stand! You think?:blink: bill
Guys I think we are talking amongst ourselves

The OP has not been heard from for over a month.......:blink: bill
Maybe he crashed his bike?
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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