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Small boxes are fun to fit with wooden hinges. I've also build cabinets with a wooden hinge system that is quite sturdy and holds up well over time. I'll see if I can find photos.

Look carefully at the sides of the inset doors and you will notice a 3/4" dowel running vertically which fits into a hole bored into the frame rails top and bottom. This is one of the first cabinets I ever built. I was about 15 and my mother still has the cabinet which she keeps full of toys for the great-grandchildren to play with.
Furniture Chiffonier Sideboard Wood stain Room

This box (8" x 12") has a knife hinge made from ebony. The box experienced some sort of trauma and the hinges broke right through the pin hole. I replace the ebony with carbon fiber which I fabricated out of an old windsurf board fin. Now it is very strong.
Box Wood Furniture Baggage
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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