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Great pictures and a cool project. The bed came out beautiful. I did a similar project, but not as decorative. My first "delivery" vehicle turned out to be a flatbed too. In 1971, I got tired of renting delivery trucks, and I came across a '69 Chevy pick up for $400. It was used by a masonry company and the bed was trashed.

I removed the bed, and used PT wood to level out the frame rails, and decked it with 2 sheets of marine plywood (making it 8'x8'). Well, that bed lasted several years, and wound up re-decking it with #2 SYP, making it 8' wide, and 10' long. Used that truck until about 1992. It was a workhorse. I have a picture of it somewhere, maybe if I'm lucky and find it I'll post it.

1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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