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wood worker - carver

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:thumbsup: hello everyone, My name is Nathan Gardner. I live Maine and have been messing around with wood for ssome time now. Come and take a Look at my pics I have my boys and wife onon there. you will also see some of my work. Oh yes i can not forget the Coast of Maine. be sure to leave some feed back on my work. I would love to hear from you all. Good and Bad. that's how i will improve. ;)
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Hey there Nathan. Welcome to Nathan's place! Haha. The forum owner shares your name so you should feel right at home.
Welcome Nutmeg.
Welcome to the board fellow Mainer (or as the locals say "Main-ah"). I grew up in Auburn, all of my family is still there. I get back home about twice a year.
Welcome to the site.... glad you found us!
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