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No dust collection? Really?

Nice shop that looks like you're producing some nice work. I hate to be the first to say it, but you'll never pass an OSHA inspection, though. No dust collection, no safety guard, no eye protection, or ear protection, and no respirator mask of any kind, and no push stick. I hope your insurance is good. ;)
It was mentioned at least 2 times in the text and shows in the photo attached to the jointer and planer and another showing a 2 stage collector and a shop vac and a long haired dog (4 legged dust collector). Safety guards do not seem to be a priority, "removed for the photographs" I assume. :laughing: I wouldn't suit up in respirators and dust masks for the photos either...:no: I give the guys credit for not only making the best of the basement space, having had a basement shop 30 years ago myself, but getting the whole family in the operation. ;) bill
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