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Wood Gloat

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I had someone ask if I would do a trade for making his son a turkey call. I went down today to see what he had to trade and came home with about a half a load of spalted maple, spalted red oak and an Osage root ball along with another chunk of Osage. He was going to give me more but I told him I would come back for the rest :yes:

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Looks like some nice projects in the offing.
Will be expecting pictures.
Thanks guys there should be some pretty wood in there. Some I will keep but I hope most goes up for sale. This is the best maple I have seen here most is colorless junk, all silver maples that are fairly soft. This stuff has color and is solid. Osage is always good to have I turned two pieces today that I got from Ohio. The oak I hope I can save but it might be too far gone.
Ghost I just went to your web site and you do some really nice work. Your watercolors are very nice. :thumbsup:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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