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Although many fillers claim to be stain friendly, I don't know of any that do. If I'm wrong, I'll be watching this thread and hope to be corrected. That doesn't mean you can't solve your problem. A few fillers can be worked with, that is apply stain to them prior to filling. I use "PC Wood" which consists of 2 little cans, one being a hardener you will need to mix.

Other folks on this site have taken sawdust from the species of wood they are using and mixed in glue and stain to satisfy their needs. You should experiment a bit on some scraps of wood.

One last resort is to use melting sticks after the project is done which are wax or plastic sticks you melt into the cavity you're trying to fill. I know some cabinet makers who use this method and I own a set of 60 sticks (all different colors and shades) I bought at Rockler. The company that makes them is named Merrit and I think they're out of Kansas City.

I hope all this info can help and not confuse you :blink:
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