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Hi my name is Don and I have a question about stopping wood checking/cracking. I have 8x8 treated wood posts for my porch. This is a new build and they have been installed for 10 months. I am see some large cracks and I would like to know if there are any additional ideas other than wood filler or glue to stop them. In my past I have drilled holes in metal to stop the propagation of the cracks. Would this work?
Coming out of the plant, treated lumber can have a moisture content as high as 90%-120%. In contrast kiln dried southern yellow pine usually has a maximum moisture content of around 19%. All that moisture has to eventually dry out of the lumber. The results are cracks and checks. I have seen cracked and checked PT lumber saturated with wood preservative and the wood drinks it up and the cracks get smaller, but they will always return as it dries out again.
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