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hi, last summer i made a hammock stand, but it has been standing outside for the entire winter and the wood is starting to crack.

so for this summer i'm trying to remake the hammock stand. but i've been thinking about making an arc stand. and just like my current stand i want to make it out of pallet wood. my plan is to laminate the planks together with woodglue and screws. i'm not going to bend the wood, instead im going to put the planks together side to side ( like on a table top ). if you go on google images and look for "wooden arc hammock stand" you can see that the arc is made up of four pieces, two in the middle and two on the side. im going to make it the same, but with pallet wood. every piece of the arc is going to made of planks that are 10 cm wide, 120 cm long and 2cm thick(3.9 inches wide, 47 inches long and 0,78 thick) . and i'm going to put 5 planks next to each other. of course i'll put the pieces together with nuts and bolts.

i'm going to put the pallet planks next to each other in a kind of arc shape, and keep layering planks. then i'll glue and srew them together. of course if you layes the planks in a curved way you end up with corners sticking out . but i'll just cut those corners off to make it more round. after i do that four times i'll have the four pieces of the stand. the feet will be made the same way.

would the stand be strong enough?


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Would this be strong enough is a pretty difficult question to answer.

The force put on an arc like this is difficult to calculate, and the load that wood of an unknown quality of an unknown variety from pallets can withstand is an impossible question to answer.

Everything you have outlined doing makes sense to me. I might recommend laminating one of the beams, cutting it into a curve, sticking two bolts in it (as outlined in picture above) then hanging an enormous amount of weight from it and ensuring it doesn't break. Keep in mind it needs to hold much more than just your body weight, as any swinging, bouncing, jumping into, etc. will multiply the force it is taking.

If it breaks easily, do something else.

If it breaks after 400lbs or so, laminate wider beams.

If it breaks after 1000lbs or so, go for it.

where's my table saw?
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making curved rails

If you do a search you will find curved rails made by laminating strips OR curved sections. You can use either method to make your hammock arch. You can make it in individual sections and bolt them together as the photos shows OR you can make one large arch.

!. When using pallet wood, the lengths will probably be under 20" or the distance between the nails, whatever that is. So you would trace your arc on the face of each board and saw them out. Then allternately stack and glue them to form the main sections.

2. If you want to laminate thin strips, you'd need a bending form and lots of clamps. This is the most common method of making curved arches. Rocking chairs and table legs are typically done this way.

I made a long laminated handrail for my stairway using method no. 1. and many short sections supported and glued on a flat board.
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