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4reel said:
This is only one side of the top of the jewelry case that is at issue. I put BLO on first but waited a full 24 before doing anything. I then brushed on a coat of Enrich waterbased Poly that went on very thick. I was supprised at the the depth of the material. That is what did not dry. the basement is colder than the house but reasonably dry. I have decided to strip the top and start again but this time I am spraying with Deft. I just finished putting that on a Settee and it came out great. I do believe that it was the temperature and thickness that caused the issue. it is now 7 days and my patience is gone. A stripping we will go. Thanks for the input. PS I did the fan thing but to no avail.
Go with the Deft. Yet another reason not to use poly.


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