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I realize everyone has preference when it comes to brand.

I’m not so much dedicated to one brand. I have tools from several different brands.

One thing I’ve noticed though is a lot of people do not seem to like Ryobi. I have several tools made by them. They seem to work just fine.

Can anyone give me some insight into this? What gives? Is Ryobi bad?
Their customer service is abysmal. I had blower go out after 14 months. Keep in mind that I have a lawn service too, so I'm not using the blower a ton. They spoke with me on the phone, told me to take it HD for repair. HD was unable to get the part due to "supply chain issues". Ryobi would do nothing more and actually the rep that I had spoken with would not take my calls and had full voice mailbox, when I tried to call again. She assured me she would be in touch with a solution but never was. They are AWFUL. I have other drills, saws, etc, but will NEVER buy from them again!!! Run far away.
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