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My tools are all over the board. Ryobi tools are the only ones I don't have. The only reason is, I needed better when I was making a living off my tools. That said, I do have many Harbor Freight clamps and the first impact drill I bought was an HF one, which I gave away, after I had several others with a better reputation for dependability.

The comedy is, I bought the drill thinking I would kill it, but it wouldn't die, so I gave it to a kid starting out. When I bought that drill, it was what I could afford then. It worked. That ONE went on working, and it met most my needs. As many can attest, other ones are not so dependable.

Later, when I loaned a tool, I was not above buying a HF or Ryobi for the sole purpose of loaning it.

An employee bought a Ryobi. I had him take it back and I paid for his upgrade to a Ridged set. The battery performance differences were obvious.

Some times manufactures gouge, using their past reputation. MOST the time, you do pay more for quality. That is, Ryobi engineers are not magicians able to do what the more expensive competition cannot. However, if you aren't relying on a tool for your livelihood, the starter versions (a Chevette vs a Honda Accord) may be just fine.

In the end, for the money, the Ryobi isn't bad, but the Panasonic / Makita / Porter Cable / Bosch / Dewalt / Ridged / . . . . are better. But do you need better?

I realize everyone has preference when it comes to brand.

I’m not so much dedicated to one brand. I have tools from several different brands.

One thing I’ve noticed though is a lot of people do not seem to like Ryobi. I have several tools made by them. They seem to work just fine.

Can anyone give me some insight into this? What gives? Is Ryobi bad?
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