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while working on the roof of the gazebo I'm building, I ran out of nails. So I went and bought another box. So I bought a box of Grip Rite brand 2 1/2" ring shank (The first box was another brand).

I very quickly realized that the second nail I pulled from the box was shorter than the first one I pulled out.

Finger Hand Ring Jewellery Fashion accessory

I discovered that the nails are extremely inconsistent in length. I randomly pulled out 10 nails and lined them up to compare length. Here they are, in order from left to right:

Sewing machine needle

Here's a comparison with the next random sampling of 10.

Tool accessory Metal

The nails range from about 2" to 2 1/2". What the heck is going on here? The box was sealed when I got it. How can they sell a 5-pound box of nails with such varying lengths? See how many, ratio-wise, are shorter than they should be? At least 8 out of the sampling of 22 shown are considerably shorter than the 2 1/2" I was buying.

I've never experienced this before but it makes me nervous about buying any more in the future.

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Contact them. Most people must not take the time, but everytime I've contacted a company about a problem with their product they've done right by me, usually replacing the product. For something like that they might give you a coupon.

Alternatively the big box stores around here are pretty liberal on their return policy.
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