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Which blade to taper legs?

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Hi All

Which blade do you put in your table saw to taper a leg for a table?

My wood is poplar.

One side of my brain says to use the cabinetry blade, 80 tooth.

The other side of my brain says it is still basically a rip cut, use the 24 tooth rip blade.

Which one do you guys use?
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You want a fairly smooth cut without burning, so I'd use from 30 teeth, a 40 tooth or at most a 50 tooth.
Poplar is pretty forgiving, so I'd start with a 40 and see how it goes.
Thickness about 2" or so?
No thanks, I’ll stick the the table saw. 😁
You could use the bandsaw and cut to a marked line, THEN use the jointer for final surfacing. I'd make a layout template to get them identical.
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