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Which blade to taper legs?

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Hi All

Which blade do you put in your table saw to taper a leg for a table?

My wood is poplar.

One side of my brain says to use the cabinetry blade, 80 tooth.

The other side of my brain says it is still basically a rip cut, use the 24 tooth rip blade.

Which one do you guys use?
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If you have a jointer it's better to taper the legs there.
Steve the pic is a bit small so the text is unreadable. How do you control the taper using this method? I've done a bevel with my jointer, but not a taper.
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You clamp a block of wood to the infeed table so it has the same starting place and lay the board down across the out feed table and push it through. That way each time you run it across the jointer it takes off wood just on one end.
Maybe this image is better. View attachment 449562
I have to say that method looks pretty nifty and not as unsafe as it originally appears.
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