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Which blade to taper legs?

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Hi All

Which blade do you put in your table saw to taper a leg for a table?

My wood is poplar.

One side of my brain says to use the cabinetry blade, 80 tooth.

The other side of my brain says it is still basically a rip cut, use the 24 tooth rip blade.

Which one do you guys use?
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The blabe is not that important in as much as if you have table saw skills. You can use any blade if it is in good shape and cutting dry lumber. Yes rip blabes rip better and cross cut blades cross cut better but there are also blades that just don't seem to really care what they cut.
For me on my 52 year old Sears table saw that is garage quality machinery I use exclusively the following blades for everything cross cuts , cutting segments, rip cuts on everything from plywood to hardwoods.
Not saying that this is right just saying it works for me . If you are concerned about the blade type maybe , maybe, you are looking too close to the task and missing othere lelments involved.
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