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Which blade to taper legs?

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Hi All

Which blade do you put in your table saw to taper a leg for a table?

My wood is poplar.

One side of my brain says to use the cabinetry blade, 80 tooth.

The other side of my brain says it is still basically a rip cut, use the 24 tooth rip blade.

Which one do you guys use?
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Hi All

This was for outside patio furniture and more importantly to "practice" a new skill. The jointer idea looks interesting but I'm still new on the jointer and hesitant to take that much of a bite with an 80's Craftman 6" jointer so I went with a table saw jig and I kept my 24 tooth rip blade in.

The jig was simple, a piece of maple to sit in the mitre slot. A piece of 1/2" ply was then cut using the mitre slot so it's right on the blade. The fence is just screwed to the plywood with five screws so it's "adjustable" just not fancy. I lined up the end of a leg to take what I wanted off, then I moved the leg so the start of the cut was on the edge of the sled then I put the five screws in to anchor the fence. The hold downs were placed so they clamped onto parts of the leg that weren't getting cut.

Once the jig was set I just ran the legs through on all four sides, the tapers are even and consistent for all four and a quick sanding took out the saw marks.

Here's the jig
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And here is the frame of the cabinet with tapered legs. It'll get sheathing and a hinged top next weekend.
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The thrashing is good, for those of us that are doing something we've never done before it's good to hear two or three ways of doing things.
Wow, that looks nice but it would take longer to build the jig than the cabinets I want it for LOL

If I thought I'd taper more than a dozen legs a year then maybe but some of us are only weekend warriors.

This is a great project for someone young who needs content to run a youtube channel or someone old and retired that has nothing to do all day. I'm still stuck in the middle - I work all week and only get Sat and Sun in the woodshop. I want to build cabinets and doors and face frames and stuff not fancy jigs.

Looks nice though.
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Hi Rebel

I didn't mean that I didn't want to build a jig, just that I didn't want to expend the amount of time to build one that fancy.

I'm actually very patient and I did build a jig.

The jig I built is the same design with the exception that to adjust from one taper to another, you need to undo 5 screws, move the fence then screw it back down. It only takes a minute and for those of us that don't work production I think it's fine. I'll be lucky if I use this jig twice a year and if I find myself using it a lot I'll buy the microjig from the local tool supply store.

Maybe after I'm retired and I have more time and less money I'll build beautiful jigs but right now I can bill $200+/hour repairing electronics so why spend hours building a jig that can be bought for $160Cdn especially if it delays the current project while I build it and then doesn't get utilized later. Just doesn't make sense to me.

It's a beautiful, safe, easy, time saving jig, just not for me...

I only need a useful, safe, easy, time saving jig.
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