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Wheels for a Toy Riding Truck

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I want to make a wooden truck large enough for my grandson to ride on (16/18 inches by @ 9) and need 3 1/2 or 4 inch diameter wheels. i cannt find these anyplace. I live in the Boston MA area.

Does anyone have any ideas or on line stores that would sell whhels, axles, hubs?

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if you want real rubber wheels harbour freight and northern tools both have cheap ones but not sure if you can find them that small may have to take apart some casters. wooden I'd use a 4" hole saw and make them. Axels I'd use 1/2" all thread rod.

Thanks Kingfisher,
Northern had some 6 in wheels, I may end up going with thos.
Check out the Radio Flyer website. They have an order form for replacement parts. You can probably get wagon/tricycle wheels from there. You can't beat the classics!

Thanks Jeremy, I'll give it a look
Might be too much for your purposes but ....


Hey...I try.:yes:

Just a thought. In line roller blades have wheels pretty close to the size you are looking for. Try a sport shop that may carry spares. Another possible, for wooden wheels: Try www.leevalleytools.com. I know they carry wooden parts for toys, but not sure if they will be big enough. They also carry complete kits, and plans for all manner of toy trucks. Plan "C" find a buddy who has a lathe.

Have fun

Hey, Corndog. Did RKH42 mention the truck is for his grandson????

I mis-read. I thought it was a ride on truck. my bad.
I just joined this group but I can give you an ideal, I had the same problume last year getting wooden wheels, so I used a 1 1/2" flat drill and shaped it with a file to make my own wheels, it worked grate.


Thanks Air Force 1
I think I will go with Roclers 2 1/2 in wheels. They'll work OK
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