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What's the best dovetail jig for the money?

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For many years I have been using a Craftsman dovetail jig. I don't do a lot of dovetails and it was just 'ok'. I'm looking to buy a new dovetail jig and I'm considering the Porter-Cable 4212. I'd like to get a Leigh but seem to be very expensive. Any thoughts, folks?

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I too have the porter cable jig. I bought if a few years ago and use it occasionally to make some drawer boxes. It is very simple. The instruction manual is only about 10 or 12 pages, small ones at that, and half of it is the initial setup. The basic instructions are easy to follow and after doing the initial setup which really only involves two pieces that need to be offset on the jig, you can whip out a drawer box in about five minutes. It cuts both sides of one corner at the same time. The whole trick with probably any of these jigs is labeling both sides of each corner in such a manner that you don't mix up the pieces, especially if you already have the dado cut in for the drawer bottom. They are a lot of fun to use and turn out some pretty nice, strong joints. good luck,
Mike Hawkins:yes:
dovetail jig setup

Hey Allthumbs,
C'mon, have some faith in yourself. You don't need to dedicate a router to your dovetail jig. I only use my jig about once a year. They give you a depth dimension for your bit. I believe mine is 9/16". Just set your bit to the depth, make a practice joint on two scraps. If it doesn't come out flush, a small adjustment is needed. I have not had a problem duplication the setup on this jig. I use a 1 3/4 hp Milwaukee and it has a very nice and easy depth adjustment. You can do it.....the setup is half the fun. Good luck,
Mike Hawkins:smile:
router excuse tips

Yo Allthumbs,
Didn't know you were trying to con the ol lady into you gettin another router. Next time give us the 'wink wink' sign. You need some better excuses though. Listed are some that you can try:
1. 'Honey, these 1/2" bits don't fit my old router, it only takes 1/4".
2. 'Honey, this little router doesn't fit in my router table. I need one of these 3 1/2 hp ones that are made for it.'
3. 'How do you expect me to make all those nice projects for you with this old thing? I need this new one with the high enery fusion conigley pin.'
4. 'Honey, Bob's wife let him have four routers. Don't you love me as much as she loves him?

Let me know if any of these work. Post any pics of black eyes, cast iron skillet dents in your head, etc. LOL
Mike Hawkins:yes:
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