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What's the best dovetail jig for the money?

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For many years I have been using a Craftsman dovetail jig. I don't do a lot of dovetails and it was just 'ok'. I'm looking to buy a new dovetail jig and I'm considering the Porter-Cable 4212. I'd like to get a Leigh but seem to be very expensive. Any thoughts, folks?

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Leigh Jig

I too was looking for a dovetail jig. Our local Woodcrafter store did a class on Leigh jigs. The instructor had the routers set up for the through dovetail and the blind dovetail. In the store this looked very easy and the results were very good. Now for real life... I bought a 24" Leight jig and took it home and have not cut a passable blind dovetail to date. The set up is mind numbing, adjustment after adjustment. I didn't give up, I went to the website and watched them cut the same type of blind dovetail. They made it look so simple a chimp could do it! I went back to the shop and chewed up some more wood still with the same results. I guess I need that guy in the Leigh website to spend the afternoon with me and get me straighten out.

I have now bought a Freud router bit set to build drawers, I was almost to the point of using 16d nails to assemble drawer side and fronts. So there is my experience, I had thought of the Keller jig they also make that look like child's play on their website.

Good luck, and have plenty of patience!!!!
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