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Are yuo able to get some closer pictures of the grain? Also the end grain? It's difficult to tell from the picture. Especially with the glare on the surface.

Judging from I see, it almost looks like walnut sapwood. Or butternut, which is also a walnut. Or it may be cherry. But I may be way off base so don't take my initial assessment with any degree of merit. We really need better pictures.

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+1 with Chaincarver Steve - better pictures are needed.

This looks like it has been stained which adds to the challenges of identification.

Grain pattern is important, especially end grain closeup.

My guess at the moment would be "Mystery wood". :icon_smile:

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Ditto on previous attempted answers...

The surface is already finished... if its' a table top - is the bottom or underside finished (if not give us a clear picture of it)? End grain speaks volumes! If the bottom is finished... can you expose the original wood in an unseen area so we can help you?

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I was wondering whether any of you guys could help me identify what kind of wood this is. The photo is attached.
In determining what species the wood is, it might help to know what was that section of wood used for, or where you got it. Any info like that might help. The picture shows a brighter side due to either a flash or lighting conditions, so guessing it's Maple because it's so light may be incorrect. The right side looks a bit darker.

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