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My workshop has low ceiling and not huge (big by some standards). So I live with one of your problems...

I bought a Jet 1.5 hp dc which is a step above your HF (I think it handles 1 micron). It's a mobile system but sits in a unused space and has a long flexible 4 inch hose that stretches out to most of my shop. Because I use the flex tube rather then gated duct system, I think the 1.5 hp vac has served me well. It is directly connected to whatever tool I"m using.

Because I'm a lazy guy, I have the vac hooked to a remote switch (@ $30). So I will slip the hose off a tool and stretch it out to the next tool, a simple procedure. As I'm using the tool, I simply hit the remote (if I needed to walk back and forth to use the vac, my lazy ass wouldn't do it). I do have a couple of tools the hose will not reach so I have a dedicated short hose the long one reaches and I switch the short hose from one tool to the next. Over all - my set up is not ideal, but it works for me.

A couple of foot notes... A lot of my sanding uses a PC 330 hand held sander that has no dust collection system built in, but I love that sander! So I did build a 48 X 18 inch down draft table with a dust port to match my flex DC hose. The larger pieces are sanded on my work bench next to a box fan with a furnace filter. This is not a perfect set up so I fill in the gaps with a respirator. When I'm done, I take the filter outside and I'm always surprised at how much dust has been collected.
1 - 1 of 48 Posts
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