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Weird yard sale find

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My grandpa acquired this blade at a yard sale and I got no idea if it's safe / worth using for...well... anything

It looks like this:
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It looks to be an early version of this type of blade , for a circular saw.

What diameter is the blade and what size the hole ?
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It's basically a chainsaw cutter attached to a circular blade. It will work for rough cuts. I see no reason for it to be unsafe. I also don't see a purpose for it that isn't already offered by blade designs that we already have available to us. It also has a larger kerf than blades we currently use, so your yield will be less per board.

Mike Darr
Looks similar to a Lancelot blade. Here's one listed on Amazon.
I bought a blade like that at a local lawnmower shop. It was called a beaver blade and was made to go on the end of a straight shaft weed trimmer. They came in a 6 inch and 8 inch size. Do they have any markings on them?
What size is the arbor hole?:blink:
10 inch and idk the center, I can't find the thing atm. Grandpa's stuff is a total American pickers theme.
Pshhh, you guys dont know what that is?

:gunsmilie: Thats for Zombies! :gunsmilie:
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certainly would look good on a make shift zombie killer weed wacker
I'm thinking it looks like a brush cutter blade for a weed wacker type machine. Those usually have an odd size arbor that doesn't fit consumer type saws. :smile:
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