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I previously posted pictures and commentary about several of the wall-hanging collages I have made using a variety of woods: cedar, redwood, pine, oak, maple, fir, and even dogwood. All were surface treated with a variety of wood stains, as well as even food coloring, and then clear coated with either satin varnish or satin lacquer. Really vivid pieces of work, those, and attention grabbers from even across the room. I plan on submitting a digital portfolio of pictures of the bunch to several local art galleries, starting at the most upscale and working downward as I am rejected! Hopefully, somebody in one of those galleries will think they are great and I will have me an art show.

Anyway, I have now created two more, but they are different from the previous batch. These new ones were both made from well-weathered pine boards that I put into storage for a while after dismantling the picnic table out back that the wife and I never used. We prefer eating indoors.

Mother nature did a good 20-year number on the wood, and all I had to do to get it into shape was wet the various pieces down good with some strong bleach and then hose them off. After a few days drying out inside the shop, I cut the bleached boards into multiple, rectangular sizes (I also cut them thinner, to save weight, using both a table saw and band saw), gave each one some food-coloring dye work (various colors, as you can see), glued them onto good-sized, half-inch thick plywood boards, and that was that. (As with the earlier collages, I used PL Construction Adhesive, because it holds fast enough without having to clamp.) I clear coated the smaller one with Rustoleum matte clear coating spray (as an experiment, because I wanted no sheen), but the treated surface caused a reaction (it actually got a bit rougher), so I left the bigger one alone. The smaller one now looks more rustic than ever. Raw wood, dyed colors, and with a more pastel theme than my earlier collages.

The big one (31×35 inches in size, and weighing all of 20 pounds) is now on the den wall of our house, being “confiscated” by my wife, and replacing the smaller and previous 25×31 inch version that had multiple wood types and vivid colors. (A photo of that previous one, which also weighs 20 pounds, and with its black integral frame, is shown, too, and you can see that vividness.) That older one will go into the portfolio.

The smaller, vertically narrow weathered wood collage (11×31 in size) is also in the sale portfolio. Both versions have no frames and are mounted in such a way that they stand out from the wall. I still have plenty of old pine wood on hand, and hope to make additional collages of this type, and the other type as well, for the portfolio. Hopefully, my wife will not confiscate any of them. I need to sell the stuff, not fill my house with it. (Fortunately, my wife is an avid art collector, so the walls are now pretty much filled with paintings of all styles.)

Also shown is the work area in the shop, with both collages before they were stained. The pieces had not been glued down at that time, because I needed to individually color them without getting color onto adjacent pieces. The materials for still another collage project can be seen next to the weathered-wood items.

Howard Ferstler


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