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Was it worth it ?

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Hello everyone, I just bought this record power coronet model no. 2 I paid £102 for it with all the tools in the picture etc.

I have never tried my hand at wood turning before but I thought I would give it a try.

I just wanted to know if I had a good buy or not as I have never really looked at these sort of machines.

And if anyone had some advice for a newbie I would be very thank full I will upload some more pictures when I pick it up on Saturday.


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Since you have purchased the machine, opinions on worth are mute. Most of the readers are in the US. Market prices in US and UK are dramatically different. Likely more used machines available in the US.

For the US readers, the bundle was about $154.

The motor is about 3/4HP

Now you just have to learn how to use it. Seems a decent collection of tools and a scroll chuck, very useful.

Lots of threads in the forum for folks like you starting out with wood turning. One example.


Before you start to use the lathe, get a good face shield.
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been awhile since I had to purchase british pounds but last time it was a $2 for 1 pound. so at that rate you effectively spent $204 american. I can't see what type of tools you have there but some turning gouges, scrappers, or skews can be that much for just one. Not to mention it looks like you have a self centering chuck which goes for about $150 new. On top of that the cheapest lathe I've found is a Harbor freight model for around $120. then you get into calipers and you could easily spend $200 for a decent set of new ones. so all in all I would say you found yourself a great deal. now go watch Capn' eddie on youtube, along with John Lucas, and Carl Jacobson. all good informative turners. Learn how to sharpen and use your tools effectively. Above all else have fun and welcome to the most time consuming hobby in the history of man.
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I think the chuck alone is worth what you paid.

Listen to Dave, he knows what he's talking about - Get a face shield.

Good find.
Damm good buy for ya there :yes: tools can be rather expensive there so good buy for you
Looks like a good buy. :thumbsup:
I don't know who makes their smaller lathes but the midsize (1624 and DVR) are made by Nova. Most things Record makes or puts their name on are all very good quality.
Since it is 5.2amp on 220-40 it should be a good solid 1 hp (same as 10+ amp on 110).
Looks like a solid deal. Don't forget the face shield, turn safe and have a great time...welcome, ken
Thanks for all the advice I have now got this lathe and I'm in the process of cleaning up a little surface rust on the ways etc but I am trying to remove the chuck but can seem to figure it out.
Any ideas ??
Does it have a spindle lock? That is what is normally used to unscrew the chuck. Be sure there are no setscrews to back out before trying to loosen the chuck. Quite often if there is no fiber washer on the spindle the chuck will be very tight and hard to break loose. You can make one from a piece of chipboard or card stock cut out to fit.
If there is no spindle lock there may be a hole in the shaft you can insert a rod into so you can immobilize it.
I will take a few close up photos of the chuck etc in a bit so you can see this more clearly
Well here it is do I use the tools for the chuck and an Allen key in the other end ??

I believe the little silver cap opens to put a few drops of oil on the bearing.

Any help on removing this chuck would be very helpful.


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In the final picture (the rear of the lathe) it looks like there's a hole in the headstock. There might be a similar sized hole in the drive shaft -- if so, you could push a piece of steel rod into the holes and it would lock the spindle.

Then take another steel rod in the hole in the chuck (visible in that same photo) and you'll have some leverage to get the chuck unscrewed from the spindle.

It wouldn't be a bad idea to dribble some penetrating oil (or rust-release whatever) onto the sprindle threads that are visible between the chuck and the headstock.

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