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It finally happened; we got over 50, the snow is melting and I was able to get out to the shop and start playing with the new lathe tools.

Been doing a lot of study on how to sharpen them, and that's been helpful. Since I wanted to turn a spindle shape first, I got a Spindle Gouge, a Scraper and a Skew sharpened up. Didn't take any time to sharpen and they worked fine.

I learned that Spindle Turning on a piece of Maple that's showing cross grain will make you use bad words. But I finally got it shaped like I wanted and I'm happy with it. Now, to the important part.

Some time back I'd asked this group for a bunch of advice on a lot of topics and you folks were quite forthcoming with it. I thank you. I took your guidance to heart and actually put it to use today.

Your help is appreciated more than you can know. Out in the rural areas of coastal Maine, we don't have many crafters to turn to for guidance. This board will be invaluable for me if for no other reason than knowing there are others that think like I do and occupy themselves with the same sorts of torture I have come to enjoy.

So, again, thank you, and you'll be hearing from me again. Now, about the girl friend chasing me with the wife's rolling pin . . .

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