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Walnut Wood Plank for Bathroom Ceiling

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I am towards the end of a bathroom remodel project and am planning on installing a walnut plant ceiling. I have some old rough-cut walnut about an inch thick that I am thinking of resawing down to 5/16th and putting an 1/8 in chamfer edge on the sides and not doing tongue and groove. Do I need to worry about board movement with moisture in the bathroom? I did install a large CFM exhaust fan knowing I was planning a wood ceiling to help cut down on the moisture in the bathroom.

Also, was looking for thoughts on the best way to finish the walnut boards. I have been looking into Rubio Monocoat but also want something that will be fairly low maintenance that I won't have to redo every couple of years. Should I just use linseed oil then use poly?

Thank you ahead of time for any input you might have.

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I appreciate everyone’s input and advice, which is what I was looking for in joining this forum. This gives me a lot to think about.
After reading through all the comments I am leaning towards using a pine tongue and groove “car siding” instead of the walnut and staining to match the woodwork of in the rest of the house. I can use the walnut for other projects.
I still want to do the wood ceiling as this was the original design back when we started the project. With a 100 year old house we want to capture that time era design with a modern flair.
Here is a picture of the bathroom with white subway and white hexagon tile floor. The top part of the walls will be white shiplap that I am planning to make after finishing the ceiling. There will be a wood ledge on top of the neil walls that will match the color of the ceiling.
I will definitely be sure to seal whichever wood I go with to help stretch out time before having to fix any of the wood ceiling issues that will eventually come around.
Again I appreciate everyone’s input.
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Did you originally have a tiles ceiling?
All the walls and ceiling were previously plaster and lath. When we gutted the bathroom all that was removed. The wall studs were furrowed to make them even then I covered the walls and ceiling with drywall.
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