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Walnut Wood Plank for Bathroom Ceiling

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I am towards the end of a bathroom remodel project and am planning on installing a walnut plant ceiling. I have some old rough-cut walnut about an inch thick that I am thinking of resawing down to 5/16th and putting an 1/8 in chamfer edge on the sides and not doing tongue and groove. Do I need to worry about board movement with moisture in the bathroom? I did install a large CFM exhaust fan knowing I was planning a wood ceiling to help cut down on the moisture in the bathroom.

Also, was looking for thoughts on the best way to finish the walnut boards. I have been looking into Rubio Monocoat but also want something that will be fairly low maintenance that I won't have to redo every couple of years. Should I just use linseed oil then use poly?

Thank you ahead of time for any input you might have.

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What type of substrate is this going over? Gypsum board, plywood, or other?

If plywood, you might consider installing using an anti microbial urethane hardwood flooring adhesive in conjunction with metal fasteners and possibly even do a shiplap profile with nickel gap spacing to allow for expansion, and prefinish all sides with a solvent borne urethane or varnish. RMC doesn’t hold up too well in wet locations.

edit: 5/16” material might be a bit delicate for a shiplap profile
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