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A week or so ago I posted about needing a way to hang my weights in my weight room. After getting some suggestions, here is what I ended up doing.

I made 3 separate trees. Each one started with attaching an 84" 2x4 to alternating wall studs using 3 3" lag screws spaced out on the top 24", and 6 3" self drilling wood screws spaced out down the remaining 60". I then attached 2 60" 2x4s, one at a time using 6 3" self drilling wood screws.

After the lumber was up, I drilled 1" holes at a slight angle at 18", 36" and 54". I inserted 3/4" galvanized pipe into each hole, twisting it in with a pipe wrench until 3 1/2" of pipe was inserted into each hole. The top pipe was 6" long, the bottom two were 8" long.

After that was done, I attached a 1x5 across the top of the 60" 2x4s to make a shelf.

Attached are pics of the end result.


1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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