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So I bought one of these folding work tables and, I gotta say, I freakin love it.

I have incredibly limited space so I need tables which fold up but are very stable. I use black & decker workmates a whole lot too and love them.

Setting this table up and collapsing it involves catches, little buttons, slide this thing or that, a little cumbersome. But it is incredibly stable, there's a useful little tray to hold stuff, its easy to clamp workpieces down to the surface because the decking underneath for the scaffold option - it levels out the surface so clamps catch really well where ever you set them up.

It also has a three outlet power strip which connects via the female end of most extension cords.

I'm going to get 2-3 more.

Vika 2-in-1 Workbench and Scaffold - Model# 21010 - Amazon.com
Nice find Gideon:thumbsup: I've been on the lookout for a small, sturdy bench I can throw in the truck and take to the jobsite... Looks like it will fill the bill for me too.:yes:
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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