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UV and waterproofing protection for garden furniture

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Hi all,

Still a newbie here and apologise if this question has been dealt with elsewhere. I have searched the subject of various finishes but seem more confused than when I had no information:blink:!
I want to build outdoor garden furniture (rustic style) and live in an area of South Africa with high UV radiation and lots of rain in the summer.
The question is how do I give my furniture the maximum protection from these elements(UV and rain)? Also, I believe an oil based poly can cause a bit of yellowing which I wish to avoid. Could I use a water based polyurethane and when that is dry apply an oil based one on top? Would that prevent the yellowing? Could I then apply a varnish on top of that to protect against UV?

Any help is appreciated:smile:.
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I would avoid film type finishes on outdoor furniture, it won't be long before they start to peel. Some species don't need any finish but they will generally turn weathered gray after long exposure. Don't know what is available in South Africa. There are numerous deck finishes in the US that will be much easier to renew and offer decent water resistance and UV protection. This site carries a lot of different products, maybe some are available to you. http://www.opwdecks.com/
Thanks for the advice and link Hammer.
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