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I've never used the transtint brand of dye. It does have a fine reputation and I wouldn't be apprehensive in using it. I would mix it with alcohol if you have the means of spraying so it is non grain raising. You would spray a even coat at low pressure. It dries so fast you have to depend on your technique of spraying a uniform coat rather than looking at it. When it dries there are spots you feel like you need to spray some more and if you do those spots will be too dark. It's best to spray a coat of sealer over it and if there is a spot you do actually need more dye, you can apply some more between the coats of finish. If you apply the dye by hand it would be best to thin it with water and mix it a little thinner so you can mop it on pretty wet to get uniform coverage.

The dye I use is Mohawk Ultra Penetrating Stain. http://www.mohawk-finishing.com/catalog_browse.asp?ictNbr=178 They have a better selection of colors for furniture where the transtint has about 6 of their 19 colors in neon.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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