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I have a question. A buddy and I are making harmonica "combs" the solid wood piece in the center of a harmonica. The most efficient way to produce the combs is to make the slotted cuts (see diagram) at the appropriate height using a table saw or router. Now using a finger joint jig would be perfect for this, except for the fact that the spacing of the fingers and the slots are not the same. I know that the basic principle of a finger joint jig is to utilize the spacing from the first slot cut as a reference for all of the rest. So I guess my question is, can you set a finger joint jig to space the teeth at a different width of the slots? In our case, we are making a 5/32" slot with a 1/8" finger width. I know we could simply use a shim of 1/8" and add one for each cut, but feel that would not be as precise or time efficient. Any advice or ideas would be appreciated!


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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