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Very well done Larry, traditional, plain and simple, and I am sure they will sell or be recieved with enthusiasm.

I have come up with a lamp idea of my very own, it may be of interest to you, again it's a very simple form, but one that can be ellaborated on, tweaked and refined to create something more stunning and unique, the one I made was a trail piece to see if the idea worked, and I think it does.

Osram the german light bulb manufacturer make a LED lamp called a "Dot It" it's battery powered, and was designed to be stuck in dark areas and recesses of caravans, cupboards etc, it's available very cheaply from most general stores and Ebay.

I turned a simple base, a plain upright spindle, a cross spindle with hole drilled at approx 30 degrees and a head with recess to hold the dot it lamp, the cross piece because it's drilled at an angle is self supporting on the upright spindle.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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