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Bosch 5312 12-Inch Dual Bevel Slide Compound Miter Saw

1. The miter saw Bosch has been around for a long time so getting support and parts can be easy especially if you are in another country.

2. When operating the miter saw blades the blades stop very fast when you let go of the trigger this makes your progress of your work go faster.

3. Axial-Glide sliding system is very useful as it saves you space especially in cramped work spaces.

4. When during work time when performing the first cuts on a material you will realize that you will not need a diagram for the corners.

5. So Bosch is easier to understand without much reference because all the angles are marked in a clear fashion with stops for accurate angles.

6. As a contractor the miter saw cuts are dead on accurate and also useful when making a variety of cuts.

7. Miter saw safety is pretty good as the Miter and bevel controls is located on the front for easy access so as a contractor you don’t have to risk your fingers as in this line of work fingers are important.

8. The bevel locks are in front for easy access so you don’t have to reach behind the saw.

9. Built-in stock supports which means you can put on a miter saw stand made from stock shop supports from your shop.

10. It can be placed against the wall so there is no need for the clearance for the sliding system.

11. The miter saw instructions are written in a way that is very easy to learn and manage.

12. It has a large saw base which is up to 12 inches deep which is very good for supporting materials.

13. Miter saws have a built in carrying angles which helps for easy transport.

14. When the saw comes out of the box it has an easy system to adjust.

15. If you for example rested the accuracy by cutting a hexagon you will find the last miter meets very well.

16. Miter saw quality for Bosch is a cut above the rest as it is designed to be used for a long period of time. There have been instances where is it dropped at 9 foot fall but all that happened was just a small dent but you only had to adjust the saw once.

Miter saw reviews of its speed are really outstanding as most people who use will say it is fast as the upfront controls make the job easier like trim jobs are done faster.

1. You will have to do some minor assembly when you get the miter saw.

2. The factory blade that comes with it is not that good maybe lasts the same time as dewalt, Milwaukee and Ridgid. You should replace the blade with Freuds blades the quality of freuds is quite good.

3. Crown corners are a big nightmare for some contractors this can be more challenging when you are cutting down when it is flat on the saw table.

When trying to adjust the side to side bevel it is not that easy following the miter saw manual is not also going to help. Just be patient with the adjustment so that you don’t strip it.

Festool Kapex KS 120 Sliding Compound Miter Saw


1. It has a wonderful rail forward design which helps to increase accuracy and prevents head play for accurate cuts.

2. It cuts so accurately without being displaced by any type of load.

3. As a contractor you will enjoy the bevel system because it is a joy to use.

4. The saw has a good weight so it is not heavy to transport.

5. As a contractor the dado feature will come in handy.

6. The lasers define clearly which material to cut and the lasers also help with aligning from the left or right using the dual laser.

7. You can easily set precise angles with fine pointers because of the upfront rotary knob Festool.

8. Miter saw dust collection can be as high as 91% with a behind the cut dust hood which makes a very good miter saw dust control.

9. It has an angle transfer device which automatically cuts transferred angles to the saw and aligns.

10. One of the good features of this saw that is light that makes it very easy to transport.


1. Feestool miter saw safety is a real annoyance to some people, you have to press a button above the handle with your thumb while you half way pull the trigger to release the saw head.

2. The price can be a big problem here its damn expensive.

3. The miter gauge pointer is red instead of green, and the green seems to wash away.

4. If you want to make precise cuts for on dents you will have to stoop over to read it carefully.

5. Another annoyance is the on board storage for the miter finder tool it is in the way of the saw table rotation.


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