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Both nice routers. All things being equal, I would elect to go with the deWalt just because Black and Decker makes both but is keeping the dewalt as it's flagship brand and positioning the Porter Cable name in the high end DIY market. Probably why the deWalt has the lights.
For bases, I just make my own. I have both Porter Cable style bushings and Lee Valley style bushings that run from 3/8" to 1-1/2" in 1/8" increments so I usually need to make at least one base no matter which way I go. There are places that will make specialty bases though, Woodhaven and Pat Warner are two that come to mind. :smile:

"This is just a guess. The bushing is to on the same plane as the base. Keeps it from coming loose."

More likely, the bushing is counter bored flush to the base so you don't have the "step" in the middle of the base that can snag on a template and it would also make the router more prone to rocking.
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