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Nice presentation and informative.

"Goop" glue is the way to go! I use "Plumbers Goop" glue base on info I saw on a call making forum. I also add a slight "V" groove to the pedestal and outer rim so the glue sinks into the wood. I also use the dispenser tube that comes with the glue to dispense the glue around the wood surfaces. This will help reduce the squeeze out yet provide adequate amount of glue.

I like to soak the complete call in teak oil for 24 hours, remove from the oil and than dry for 24 hours. I than buff on the 3 buffing wheel system. The reason I use teak oil they claim it is used for marine application. I am just concerned with moisture on wet spring days.

I am stick on the 3 1/2" playing surface but I am going to try the 3" surface that you mentioned. Have you tried the "ceramic" surface that is sold by Brookside? Ceramic is fired in excess of 400 degrees "C" for it to devitrify (change from a powder to liquid than to glass). So far I have sold 2 to 1 vs. slate, it is 3.4" in diameter.
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