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Trying to Identify some wood I am reclaiming

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It's on the heavy side and it's solid wood not plywood
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It is Luan veneer on a particle board core.
no veneer I cut thru the edge it's the same thru-out
You aroused my curiosity, so I went to the wood ID site (that I previously suggested). IMO, your board looks like solid Mahogany of some type. Without a thicker sample to identify the end grain, it will be difficult to determine and exact species because of the several types.

Upon my viewing (with lack of end grain comparison), your sample closely resembles Andiroba Mahogany (also known as Crabwood), grown in central and south America. It's been found to be the most econimical Mahogany type for use in both solid and veneer, commonly used for plywood, veneering cuts, solid-wood cabinetry and flooring.

Here’s a pic of the species shown on the website, followed by the direct link for Andiroba. When on the website and to view all types of Mahogany species, use the site’s search box (top of page) and type-in: mahogany. Hope this helps!

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Andiroba | The Wood Database (Hardwood)
I think you nailed it--no pun intended. Later today I will cut the weathered end off and send photos of endgrain--I cut an 1/8 of the side but with the grain --I will send photos of that too--amazing what you can find in a trash pile!!
so the two photos are end grain--and side cut. The wood must be very wet it was left in a trash heap in Miami and it's been raining alot--also looks like a table that was used outside
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