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I have a few pieces of old furniture that I am trying to ID the proper wood used.

The first is a 1940ish (I think!) folding half-bed with attached mattress - like a upscale cot.

The second is a primitive handmade sitting swing that has a tilt back that lets you sit toward the East in the morning - then you flip the back and it faces the West so you can enjoy the sun set.

I think the bed is Mahogany - but not positive.

The swing - I have no idea because I do not know where it originated as I purchased it at an auction. I am located in Alabama - so if it was local it could be Pine or Oak.

I would like an opinion as to the style/period of the swing also if that would not be too much trouble.

Pics attached.

Many Kind Regards...


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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