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Hi all,

I built this table http://ana-white.com/2012/06/plans/fancy-x-farmhouse-table from SYP #2 (construction lumber). The top was joined with pocket holes and I added breadboards to the ends also attached via pocket holes. The top warped badly :eek: and now I have to replace it quickly...

Things that I've learned since this build is that the moisture content probably was the biggest contributor to the warp. But what about the design? This is not a joined top, it is a plank top screwed down from the top into the trestle underneath. Did joining it with pocket holes and then screwing it down add to the problem?

I've built this table before for a couple of friends for indoor use and haven't had a problem with warp. The warped table was also for indoor use. I would like to use SYP for the replacement top and I have some #1 KD19 inside drying out. Would I be better off using eastern white pine for the replacement top that is KD15?

Be easy on me, I'm learning! Thank you!
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