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Well, a couple weeks back I found this beautiful lathe out in South Carolina... Seller unwilling to ship but I wanted it and figured I'd see what I could work out.

A member here, captainawesome, really stepped up and helped me out with it. I watched the bid, talked to the seller and ended up winning it for a couple hundred less than I was willing to go - awesome! Sean, captainawesome, was kind enough to meet the seller, pick-up the lathe, palletize it and get it on a truck to me, even got me an awesome price on freight with his commercial account.... and refused any payment for his help! What a nice guy! I owe Sean, big time!

So the lathe has been here a couple weeks and I finally had a little time to play with it today. I had the local saddle shop make a belt for me - it's a bit slack though. I started working on the missing treadle portion today and I have to say it's been rough going.

It sort of works - but the design of my treadle needs some serious mods. The crankshaft has a 6" throw equating to an approx 12" pedal travel! Way to much! I'm going to fixe that over the next couple days and get the belt tightened up a bit. I also have some black smithing to do.

So without further ado here is the lathe - maybe I'll get it working right in the next month or two. I hope!

I guess I need to find some vintage turning tools too...


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Well it's about dang time you got started on this!!! I'm glad everything arrived in the condition it left here in. Were all the parts accounted for?

I considered it a privilege to help save such a beautiful antique, and one that would see new life with continued use at that! Also, I did receive payment in the form of a Louisiana themed gift box, and some sandpaper for sharpening. If you add the advice you've given me about hand tools, and the new friendship that resulted, I'd say I came out ahead!!

Can't wait to follow along with this one, and everyone that saw the lathe during the packaging stage is eager to see it in action as well. I will forward the link on to them!

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